The Beginning

Ten years ago, a couple of super sassy game changers met on a golf course in Granbury, Texas. They instantly knew each other as soul sisters who had a bigger purpose together that only time would reveal. Over the years, they bounced creative ideas off each other, supported one another in family and friendship, and straightened each other’s crowns as they journeyed toward their higher purpose. Their families continually encouraged them to co-create through the years, knowing a focused collaboration would result in something beyond magical. In 2015 they began to dream of a spiritual wellness center for their community, sending creative ideas out into the universe to manifest something beyond their wildest dreams, trusting that God would materialize these dreams in perfect divine timing…and that’s exactly what happened.

Zen Den co-founder Lauren Scott says, “Summer Darvischi and I have been dreaming of a wellness center for our Granbury community for years, and a few months ago I became very inspired to take a leap of faith and make it happen. On Labor Day, I called my partner in shine, Summer Darvischi, and told her I had a dream the night before that woke me with a burning desire to bring our dreams into reality, NOW! I told her I was ready to create a yoga and meditation studio for our community, and asked if she was ready come together and bring her Crystal Blessings shop and private crystal healing practice into a wellness center with me. She said, “Well, no. I have four children and the youngest is 9 months old...But, ABSOLUTELY, YES!” (LOL!) We said yes to this amazing adventure, and as we know, when you ask, you shall receive. What Summer does goes hand in hand with yoga and meditation and our plans blossomed. Our yoga and meditation studio and crystal shop quickly manifested into a full blown spiritual wellness center full of incredible teachers with amazing skills, knowledge, and genuine hearts of service. I keep thinking I couldn’t be more excited, but each day brings so many new blessings that the excitement just overflows!”

Zen Den co-founder Summer Darvischi says, “It really doesn’t get any better than living your dream with your soul sister. The synchronicities on this Zen Den journey have been extraordinary. The magical stories we have to tell are endless. We’ve had the perfect venue, perfect circumstances, and most of all the perfect community relationships to make this HUGE, GLORIOUS project come together in 12 weeks. It is nothing less than divinely orchestrated. Our Creator has shown us the way at every turn, and we have simply followed the signs. Until now, yoga, meditation, crystals, and other alternative healing modalities weren’t so mainstream. Spiritual practitioners were often left with a lack of community, and many hearts have longed for a wellness home in Granbury for a long while. Zen Den is the embodiment of the dreams of our heart centered community, and we want you to know that you are what makes this house a home.”


Divinely Mandated House of Love and Light where badass peaceful warriors become their truest selves, align with their highest purposes, manifest their most courageous dreams, and are Magical AF! Est. 2018 Granbury, TX

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