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Thursday’s Light💫Beams

"Zhou Laoshi"

Despite the uncertainty and the tumultuous times, many opportunities are presenting themselves to us at this time. Opportunities to study with masters and teachers that we might not have had access to before. Opportunities to learn new ways of connecting and coming together in conscious community. Opportunities to dive deep into the onion layers of the limited patterns that we have hid from the world and, most importantly, from ourselves. Opportunities to discover a greater calling in this lifetime and greater levels of fulfillment that come from living life from the place of True Self. I have found all this, and much much more, on the daily opportunities for Zhineng Qigong practice and study that Zhihao Zhou is offering freely to the world at this time. Teacher Zhou is a modern day Buddha on the path to enlightenment. It is an honor and a privilege to work with him, whether you come to one call or all! Even if you are completely new to the practice of qigong, the invitation is to come to the calls with an open heart and a willingness to quiet the mind in meditation, surrender and respect. It can be overwhelming in the beginning, to begin to work with Zoom and attempt to understand a Master Teacher who’s first language is Chinese, but your Being knows...Your Soul knows what is being shared, transmitted and received. Zhineng (“Wisdom Healing”) Qigong is the only form of Qigong where we practice setting the Chi Field! The Chi Field is an energetic understanding of Source Energy as the Field of Entirety and we call this energy down around us in our practice. When we set Chi Fields, we develop a relationship with Source Energy, we send a message of intention to the Universe that we are unconditionally willing to work with the energy of life in conscious creation for the highest good of all life on this planet and the highest good of all life beyond!! I am sharing these opportunities with you in hopes you will join us on these calls. I highly recommend the Italian or the American sessions, and if you know someone who’s first language is Spanish, then you will be pleased to know the American session is translated from English to Spanish! Come join us! Send me a private message if you need to ask me any questions!! I am here for you...Haola! All is well when we return to Oneness.

~ Cameron Hitt, Qi Gong and Healing Instructor at Zen Den Wellness Center and The World

You can attend Qi Gong to bring healing to yourself and the world, completely free of charge every day until the virus is resolved by clicking on these links:

Chi Field for America

Everyday until the Virus is Resolved

‪10am BEIJING Time ‬

(converts to ‪10pm Eastern‬)

Zoom Link:

Chi Field for Italy

Everyday until the Virus is Resolved

2200 (10pm) BEIJING Time

(converts to ‪10am Eastern‬)

PASSWORD: 265905

Zoom Link:

Standard Practice Time

Everyday EXCEPT Sundays

‪6am BEIJING Time ‬

(converts to ‪6pm Eastern‬)

Zoom Link:

An easy time zone convertor:

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