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How You Can Help Keep Our Doors Open

Zen Den Wellness Center is a Divinely Mandated House of Love and Light where Peaceful Warriors become their Truest Selves, align with their Highest Purposes, manifest their most Courageous Dreams, and are MAGICAL AF!

As incredibly magical as we are, the pandemic shut down affected us too, in every way. During that time, we worked tirelessly to ensure we'd be able to open our doors once allowed.

We learned the ways of internet streaming with good audio and video (easier said than done LOL!) We used the shut down time to work harder than ever to bring you new forms of yoga, even better yoga, and transform into even better teachers.

We dug deep into our inner muck, releasing the old and birthing the new, becoming the best versions of ourselves yet...which also means we've been bringing you new emotional freedom techniques to lift you up, calm you down, and train your nervous system so you know how to do that all on your own.

We've expanded our spiritual tribe to create Open Hearts Sanctuary, Granbury's non-denominational, non-religious spiritual commUNITY meeting Wednesday nights at 7:30 at Zen Den, and on Zoom for those at home. We've set the wheels in motion to bring our community a new kind of spiritual home, where all are welcome, where all those seeking a spiritual community are free to choose their own path to loving the God of their understanding.

It is still our life's work to bring you the emotional freedom tools that help you find your inner light, your purpose, your soul's calling, your authentic self.

We need your help too. The pandemic has affected us all in different ways. Zen Den and its staff has grown in ways we never knew possible! We've also experienced immense financial challenges with several months of shut down followed by several months of physical distancing.

If you are able and are called to help us keep our doors open, continue to shine our light, and bring Open Hearts Sanctuary out into to the community, there are many ways to support. You can donate here to our Business Disaster Relief Fund:

You can purchase yoga memberships, Reiki sessions, and gift certificates for yourself or others at And, you can shop in Granbury, or head to our gorgeous online crystal shop with selections at

If you have any additional ways you'd like to offer support, we would love to hear from you. We are so incredibly grateful for our Zen Den family, and want you to know each and every person's support is a brick in our loving foundation. If your prayers are what you can offer right now, know we need just as much of those as we do anything else and we thank you, thank you, thank you for loving us as much as we love you!

Brightest Blessings to you dear friends, Summer Dawn, the Zen Den Staff, and all our Zen Den family working and praying to keep our doors open and our light expanding.


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